spicy hotpot at 麻辣王

lunch for dec. 16, 2005

我們那天�?�了麻辣�?��?�. NT$299 (plus 10% service charge) eat-all-you-can
12-16-05 lunch-9

12-16-05 lunch-5

12-16-05 lunch-7

12-16-05 lunch-2

12-16-05 lunch-1

12-16-05 lunch-10

They were really clever. The hotpot was so spicy, well it’s not 麻辣�?��?� if it’s not spicy, that they knew people would have to order drinks. Drinks cost double what they cost outside, and you’re not allowed to bring your own beverages. tsk tsk..
12-16-05 lunch-8

ate at this place called 麻辣王


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