Japanese food:eat-all you can buffet lunch yesterday at Jogoya

< 上閤屋>日式料理吃到飽

lamb lamb(牛小排)

foie gras roll and smoked salmon foie gras roll and smoked salmon(煙燻鮭魚捲、鵝肝捲)

tempura tempura(炸蝦)

sashimi raw fish collection: tuna, salmon and sword fish sashimi(生魚片)

soup hokkaido king crab (北海道帝王蟹) + miso soup

beef beef(陶板牛肉)

shell fish some kind of shell fish (竹蛤)
seaweed wrap seaweed wrap (蝦卵手捲)
watermelon juice, honey, and a cocktail watermelon juice, honey + some kind of citrus fruit, some kind of cocktail (the transparent red drink)(西瓜汁、柳橙汁、調酒)

fried bell peppers fried bell peppers(碳烤青椒)

clam soup clam soup(蛤蜊湯)

beef beef (牛排)

mango sorbet Haagen Dazs mango sorbet (芒果雪酪)
raspberry ice cream from haagen dazs Haagen Dazs raspberry ice cream (桑果雪酪)
watermelon and kiwi kiwi and watermelon(西瓜、奇異果)

melon melon(青色哈密瓜)

ice cream and kiwi kiwi, Haagen Dazs vanilla, chocolate and coffee ice cream

ice cream and pudding raspberry ice cream and pudding(法式甜點)


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