okonomiyaki with bacon, tuna and pineapple

my dinner from the night market

okonomiyaki- 大阪燒

Okonomiyaki on Wikipedia – for those who don’t know what this is


2 thoughts on “okonomiyaki with bacon, tuna and pineapple

  1. I just ran into this site. This food looks awesome! I’m not really sure what county you guys are from though, because we don’t have that kind of stuff in seven eleven here (California, USA). I’m also interested in knowing what you have against showering.

  2. hi sean,
    we’re from Taiwan. 7-11 stores here in taiwan sell all sorts of food- from microwaved meals– noodles, tv-dinner style meal sets, noodle soups, dumplings, pizza slices, small burgers, rice rolls; to “tea eggs” and food on sticks like squid balls (關東煮).
    not a lot of 7-11 stores in Taiwan sell Slurpees, but luckily the branch inside our school got a Slurpee machine this summer. (some of our 7-11 food photos.)
    i’ve heard the 7-11 stores in japan sell even more exotic stuff.
    the photo in this post isn’t from 7-11 though. it’s from the night market.
    well, we don’t have anything against showering as such. haha. it’s just when we started this blog the weather was kind of cold then and we went one day without showering so we kind of named this site “No Shower Family” as a joke. =)

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