summer 2006

-2006 夏日冰品全集 -2006的夏天快結束了,這是我們在夏天所有吃過的冰品。口水都留下來嚕~~

the summer of 2006 is drawing to a close..

these are some of the cold treats we had this summer.

mango iced dessert 1 pineapple flavored popsicle- 台糖鳳梨口味冰棒 red bean + milk popsicle- 紅豆牛奶冰棒 macha green tea ice cream mcdonalds hot fudge sundae kiwi fruit shake and vanilla ice cream 雞蛋冰- 鳳梨口味
紅豆牛奶雪花 red tea coffee with vanilla ice cream mcdonalds sundae cone red bean and milk mango iced dessert251342504_585303be34.jpg banana + milk ice cream


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