both our cameras are out of order

hi guys, you’ll probably notice No Shower Family won’t be updated as often as usual this month. that’s because both of our cameras are out of order and have been sent to the shop for repairs.

we have a spare camcorder that also has a digital camera function, but since it’s bulky and the image quality sucks, we might not be able to take it everywhere we eat. that means fewer food photos this month until we get our cameras back.

thank you for understanding. 🙂
我們的數位相機拿去修理因為壞掉了,所以blog恐怕不能跟以前一樣每天放新東西. 可能要過一陣子才可以恢復正常更新. 我們暫時用miniDV攝影機的數位相機功能去拍照,可是畫質不是很好.

2 thoughts on “both our cameras are out of order

  1. thanks! we’ve been using a miniDV video camera that has a digital camera function in the meantime, but the image quality sucks.

    actually the quality’s acceptable, it’s the colors that suck (they’re really inaccurate). so good food looks unappetizing when photographed with the video camera’s digital camera function.

    so, sorry for the temporary decline in the quality of our food pics in the meantime. 🙂

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