march and april 2007 photos

hello readers,

if you guys paid close attention to our blog’s posts from March 22 to April 14 2007, you’d have noticed the posting style is somewhat different from the posting style you guys must have been accustomed to.

the way the photos were laid out, the camera that was used to shoot the photos, the photography style, the writing– they’re all different. that’s because those posts were made by another member of this blog- WWW (she also took over posting duties for a short while last summer- 2006).

in other news, No Shower Family has an entry-level DSLR now!! does that mean better photos? nah, not really. still takes a lot of practice (read: shooting and shooting and shooting for many minutes before we finally get to eat.) to get good photos. hahaha. And it’s not like our old Canon A-series Powershot was that crappy. it was fairly good in most cases.

but in certain cases, when the lighting and the gods of chance are smiling upon us, we do end up with much cooler photos with dreamier DOF and lovelier colors now with the new Canon Rebel XTi.

our EF 50mm f/1.4 lens makes the nicest photos and colors, but since the Xti has doesn’t have a full-frame sensor, the 50mm is actually an 80mm lens in reality (gotta multiply 50 by 1.6).

that means when you aim it at the food it’s super close to the if you want to take in the whole scene or the whole plate you have to stand up, or stand/ squat on the chair (No Shower Family’s members are short– about 5 feet tall) to take in the whole scene. which is all right on good days, but an absolute no-no when in restaurants, or when with other people, or when in a hurry.

so sometimes we use our other lens, a much wider EF 20mm f/2.8. but that one doesn’t produce colors as nice as the EF 50mm f/1.4.

maybe the glass is different from the 50mm lens. or maybe because we got the 20mm secondhand, the glass has already aged or something (okay that sounds very unscientific). of course it could also mean that with that lens we have to configure different a “Picture Style” on the camera, i don’t know. will have to research some more i guess.


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