what the world eats

Tired of seeing us blog only photos of what we eat? Then check out this photo essay documented by photographer Peter Menzel and journalist Faith D’Alusio when they traveled around the world to find out what 30 families from 24 countries eat in one week.

Link to Photo Essay on Time [via Boing Boing]

There’s a lot of really cool exotic stuff. So awesome.

  • For example, the weekly food expenditure of the Namgay family of Shingkhey Village is only US$5.03! (That’s around NT$166 Taiwan dollars.) So amazing! And they could eat all that stuff in the photo– lots of vegetables and fruits and stuff!
  • The Bainton family of Cllingbourne Ducis has dog food in their family portrait with the food they eat. But that’s because they have a dog (also in the photo). I’m sure they don’t eat dog food.
  • The Revis family of North Carolina eats so much boxed/ pre-packaged food and fast food!! (McDonald’s and Burger King stuff in the lower right corner, and the kids are holding giant pizzas.) I’m sure when I show that link to my blogging partner tomorrow she’s gonna go, “Why do foreigners eat so much pre-packaged/ unfresh food!?” again. Heheh.

But then again The No Shower Family of Taiwan super loves to eat KFC fried chicken, so who are we to advocate healthy eating? Heheheh.

This photo is my favorite. The Manzo family of Sicilythe manzo family of sicily

this image is from the Time photo essay: What the World Eats


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