homecooked seafood pasta

lunch for July 14, 2007

pasta with shrimp, clams, mushrooms, and squid

4 thoughts on “homecooked seafood pasta

  1. well, first of all, of course you have to buy following FOODS from somewhere.

    A) onion, garlic, shallot
    B) clam
    C) basil
    D) shrimps, squid
    E) white wine
    F) pasta

    1. chop and fry A) with olive oil each for 1 min.

    2. add clam and basil and fry with strong fire with white wine till the shells open. (Grip the opened clam away, or the clam will be overcooked.)

    3. boil the shrimps and squid for 5 seconds (don’t make it too ripe, cause later we still have to fry it with pasta)

    4. boil the pasta with olive oil and salt

    5. dredge up the boiled pasta, mix with Step 2 and 3 with small fire, make the sauce imbue the pasta.(don’t make it too dry!!)

    6.if you like, you can sprinkle powdered cheese and parsley leaves and Italian seasoning.


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