Homemade:Peanuts zongzi, centry egg with tofu,corn,steamed egg with mushroom, Stir fried conchs with basil

Homemade-peanuts zongzi, centry-egg-with-tofu,-corn,steamed egg with mushroom,Stir fried conchs with basil

|| Stir fried conchs ( Melo melo/ India Volute) >>It’s really tasty but if you didn’t cook it right, it will be too chewy to eat.  There’s a skin cover around, you have to rip it off before you cook.

My mom always steamed it before she stir-frying.
In Taiwan, we called it “木瓜螺”.  木瓜 is papaya in chinese, I don’t know why but maybe it’s because of the shape or color? 😀
It looked like this before…. .

<photo from BIOit>


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