Exhibition Time : 鮮泡1222

Gerry Bathman package for Heysong

<黑松-鮮泡1222 / Heysong 鮮泡1222 drawing by Gerry Baseman, Design by PAO & PAWS>

|| What’s the story of this drink?

Back to 1934, Hey-Song first launched a drink named “NO BEER”. 18 years later, in 1952, the government announced them to change the title, so they named it “鮮泡汽水 / Fresh Bubbles Soda” (actually, it is spritzer) . In 1955, they changed the name again to “Hey-Song 鮮泡”. Unfortunately this item did not last too long, it stopped production after change the name.
In 2001, Hey-Song launched“鮮泡1222″ again trying to continue this product, but they did not make it.

< 鮮泡1222 (2001)CF>

These photos were taken at Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition—”The Door is Always Open”  at MOCA Taipei.
They made the ticket key style which is really lovely.

Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition - MOCATaipei
Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition - MOCATaipei Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition - MOCATaipei Gary Baseman Solo Exhibition - MOCATaipei

|| About this exhibition :

There were several spaces to visit : Featured spaces include the Living Room (Welcome—Introduction), the Dining Room (Celebration), Hallway (Journey), the Bedroom (the Human Condition), the Study (Heritage), the Den (Play), the Studio Office (Work), the Backyard (Performance), the Park (Escape), and the Alley (Dreams). For Gary Baseman, art and life is always mixed together, so in the Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom, he especially includes furniture from his childhood home. -Infomation from MOCA

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