Ah Ge (oily bean curd, fried cellophane noodles, minced fish)

Ah Gei or oily bean curd

<Ah Ge / 阿給>
Ah Ge/ 阿給
|| Ah Ge is from Japanese : oily bean curd 「油揚げ Abura-a-ge」. It is an interesting signature dish of  Tamsui.
The original idea of making this was for saving those ingredients left over from selling.

They empty the oily bean curd and stuffed of fried cellophane noodles/冬粉.
Covered the rabbet with a layer of minced fish. Steamed for few minutes to solid the fish mince, then ..done?  No, not yet.
Sauce is the soul of Ah Ge. God ! It may bring you into heaven or a hell.

I like the sauce with a little spicy and sweetness. Before serving, they will add a little fish ball soup into your bowl to make it wet and turn the flavor level up.


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