TangYuan for winter solstice (and some Homemade mystery food)

glutinous-rice-balls(Tangyuan)+Taro-Balls(Yu-Yuen) in sweet olive soup

<Glutinous rice balls (Tang yuan/湯圓), Taro balls(Yu Yuen/芋圓)>

<Glutinous oil rice, sesame oil chicken / 油飯, 麻油雞>
Fried white water snowflake
<Fried white water snowflake / 炒水蓮菜>
sesame oil chicken soup with chicken testis
<Sesame oil chicken and chicken testis ( black? YES. Those were from black-bone chicken)/ 麻油雞 + 雞拂 >

black glutinous rice balls(Tangyuan)+Taro Balls(Yu Yuen) with sweet oliver soup

<black glutinous rice balls(Tang Yuan)+Taro Balls(Yu Yuen) with osmanthus Brown sugar soup / 紫米湯圓+芋圓+黑糖桂花湯>

Happy winter Festival
The longest night with some DVDs.
“DVD Time : Something in the Air / Après mai  / 五月風暴

// 2014-12-22 winter solstice

In fact, the custom of eating rice balls (Tangyuan) early in the Zhou Dynasty had it!

Winter solstice is one of the most important solar terms in Taiwan.
In this day, there are the longest hours of night. ^^
That’s why we watched 3 movies : Godzilla/哥吉拉 2014, The Body /El cuerpo/屍物招領(recommended), Something in the Air / 五月風暴, but we didn’t finish the last one.


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