Sugar Apple / 釋迦


<Sugar Apple/釋迦>

// 2014-12-17  One of My Favorite Fruit~ Sugar Apple / 釋迦

What’s the connection between 釋迦(Sugar Apple) and 釋迦摩尼佛(Buddha) ?? << — Did you find any connection between these two?

Maybe you do found out that we use the same Chinese characters(釋迦) to present it?  Yes !!
But do you notice the hair style of Buddha ?( you can click the link  )
What a coincidence!!


Anyway, the point is this kind of fruit is really really sweet and not juicy(as you can see). Even I don’t like sweet things, but I love it.
^^ The flavor is very special ( like most tropical fruits ) and the texture is very soft. But it’s not easy to eat, cause it has a lot of inedible black seeds inside.
You will look very busy while you are eating this. Worth to give a shot anyway~


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