Monga(Wanhua) Night Market- Part1

Monga Night Market

Parking Sign
<Parking garage’s sign / 停車場標誌>
// It’s very easy to ignore that there is a modern car on it.

Chinese guardian lions
<Parking garage’s guardian Lion / 停車場石獅>
// Guardian your car ? Huh? Ha ha. I am not sure, cause we usually put these kind of lion in front of temple, house or school.

Grilled Fish Fillet Vendor
<Grilled dried squid or fish fillet / 烤魷魚, 烤魚片>

sailfish Tempura
<sailfish tempura / 旗魚黑輪>

sailfish Tempura
<egg wrapped in sailfish tempura, first time fried/ 旗魚漿包蛋,第一次炸>

sailfish Tempura
<Deep fried sailfish tempura / 旗魚黑輪(第二次炸)>
// Second time fried.

sailfish Tempura
<Choose what you want and do it by yourself. Wasabi or Sweet Chilli sauce. >

sailfish Tempura
<I like this – Sweet Chilli sauce / 甜辣醬>
// Oily shine~~

egg wrapped in sailfish Tempura
<Yummy Yummy fried sailfish tempura / 旗魚黑輪>

// The difference between oden(黑輪) and sailfish tempura(旗魚黑輪) is.. we usually deep-fried this one and stuffed egg inside.
If you guys had some plans to visit this beautiful island. Enjoy your night market experience in Taiwan~

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