Family Mart Gelato 2014


Matcha & milk gelato   全家芒果霜淇淋/FamilyMart Mango gelato   FamilyMart- mango + milk gelato
May 23  Matcha+Milk
         Jun 20 Mango
      Jun 26  Mango+Milk
Matcha & milk gelato   FamilyMart_Peach,chocolate-sundae   FamilyMart_Peach-gelato
Aug 1  Peach
    Aug 1  Peach+Chocolate
    Aug 1   Peach
red bean gelatocaramel-sign   caramel
Sep 10  Red bean
     Oct 29 Caremel
     Oct 29 Caremel


// Flash back 2014 gelato fever

Everyone loves gelato. Who doesn’t?
In Summer 2014 , FamilyMart and 7-11 launched cheap gelato in Taiwan. ( around NT: 30-35 dollars )
That soon became a gelato fever.  In the begging, it’s limited (only sale in few stores of some areas ) and fresh ( not from the freezer).
You can always see a lot of people in line in front of the convenience store which has the gelato machine.
They also changed the flavor monthly. Clever huh? But right now, they don’t have different flavor gelato every month, and it’s also winter.
No one in line lo.

FamilyMart Gelato 


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