Traditional Market : Nanmen Market / 南門市場


<Preserved pig’s head, Jinhua ham / 元寶肉, 金華火腿>

Kind of scary, but it had a very good name in Chinese, called “元寶肉”.
“元寶” means gold, money…etc. You know.
Nanmen Market (南門市場) has been established since Japanese Colonial Era.
But this is my first time to buy things here for Lunar New Year.
You can see a lot of hawkers selling cured meat, cured fish and Chinese sausage on the first floor.

This one also have pig’s head. Can you find it?

<Date palm with mochi / 心太軟>

This is a Shanghai style desert named “心太軟” ( A Soft Heart?)
Date palm with mochi between. It’s really soft but a little sweet. (very Shanghai style)

<Eight Precious Pudding /八寶飯 >
Recipe : Click HERE

<Big Peach Bun also named Longevity Peach / 壽桃>

This is a big one, they normally looked like this. (as follows)
Palm-size and very peach like. So cute, right?

<Image from here>


Nanmen Market is an ideal spot to experience traditional market culture in Taipei.
Next to MRT CK ( Chiang Kai-shek ) Memorial Hall station, Exit No.2. If you are interested in
Chinese traditional food, this is a good place to come.

[Official Website : Nanmen Market  / 南門市場]
[Add : MRT CK ( Chiang Kai-shek ) Memorial Hall station, Exit No.2]
[Tel :+886-223218069 ]
[Business Hours : 7:00  – 19:00 (Monday Closed) ]


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