Hot Braised Food / 加熱滷味


< Hot Braised Food Hawker / 加熱滷味>

// How to order ?
Step 1 : Get a tong and basket on the left hand side.

Hot Braised Food

Step 2 : Put foods you like in the basket. Pass it to the guy, he will
tell you how much and ask you if you prefer spicy flavor or not.

( A little late to took this photo, I had not much choice as you can see  😦 )

Hot Braised Food
He will heat up your food and… here you are~


I have bird’s eggs.

Hot Braised-king oyster mushroom
<King oyster mushroom / 杏鮑菇 >


Hot Braised-spiced dried tofu
<Small dried tofu/ 小豆乾 >


Hot Braised-pickled cabbage
<salted vegetable / 鹹菜 – yum>


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