Brunch Adventure :(

Dundas St. Mini_Roasted Beef Brunch

<Roasted Beef Brunch / 普羅旺斯煎烤牛肉>
Dundas St. Mini
Dundas St. Mini_Beef Brunch
< Fried Beef Brunch / 主廚鄉村煎烤牛排早午餐>

Dundas St.-Mini_bread

< eat all you can bread / 無限供應麵包>
Dundas-St.-Mini_Bacon,Mushroom Omelette Brunch

<Bacon,Mushroom Omelette Brunch / 培根磨菇烘蛋早午餐>

// As a food blog president I always like to try new things.
Last August ( yes, last year 😛 ), I found a new brunch restaurant near MRT-Shan Dao Temple
for my friends and you guys. Those pictures on the websites were looking sooo great.
But after we had it, we were so disappointed.
The steak tasted so so. The point is how can they serve an meal like this ?  A black egg @@.
Very dry and not what I expected of. Cry cry. Don’t even mention about the bread.
We have been cheated by those good looking pics. (huh? are you looking at me? I am quite honest, okay~)
So Sad.
But maybe they are improving. We never go back again anyway. Bye bye, black eggs~

Our feeling : ●○○○○

【Dundas St. Mini / 登打士街  台北店】
【Tel:02 2321 3666】
【Business Hours:Mon-Fri > 11:30~22:00 ( 14:30~17:00 Bread and Beverage only。Last order 21:00)
Sat-Sun > 11:00~22:00 (Last order 21:00)】



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