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link to no shower family: no shower family button (https://noshowerfamily.wordpress.com/)

The No Shower Family was founded early 2004 by two anti-shower advocates, namely WWW and Koala-G. It has grown from its humble beginnings as a little group espousing the benefits of non-showering to a full fledged organization.

In early May 2004, the No Shower Family Corporation was born. Headed by the adorable and sexy WWW, we shout out our battlecry:

“We are the No Shower Family!”

The No Shower Family, through the No Shower Family Foundation and the No Shower Family Corporation, aims to bring the message of “Just say NO to showers!” to everyone. The Family does this through different activities that promote this message.

The No Shower Family is open to anyone who would like to join. We welcome people of all ages, genders and nationalities. Our only requirement is that you don’t shower, and that you preach the “No Shower” mantra to all your friends and family.

Edit on July 7, 2015
Dear No Shower Friends,
My most important partner – Koala-G is no longer living here in Taiwan now. Bless her and wish her good luck.
Please remember our ultimate goal  “Keep eating, Keep no showering”- Love you, Koala-G.

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Twitter : No Shower Family
Facebook : No Shower Family
Instagram : noshowerfamily_foodblog ( photos only )


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hi, wow..this is a great hideout for all the pigs…
    judging from the photos of your daily consumed food, i guess you are based in taiwan, but how come your english can be so native?
    aren’t you the students of TAS (taipei american school)? hmm… intriguing..

    well, i am just a curious george. the most important thing is to have lots of fun through food… bansai! FOOD!

  2. No showers? That is disgusting. I believe in water conservation, but some uses of water are necessary. There are such things as low-flo showerheads, which conserve water.

    I went to Europe a couple times — they don’t shower, and it smells awfully bad.

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