canned food


Appel zarte Heringsfilets in Paprika-Creme Appel zartre Heringsfilets- Tomate Burgunder Art Triton Cod Liver kirkland canned atlantic salmon

hunt's spaghetti sauce del monte canned zucchini

pineapple slices

treetop apple juice welch's grape juice hey-song sarsaparilla

from the supermarket:

canned food 4 canned food 1 canned food 2 canned food 5 canned food 6 canned food from the supermarket20 canned food from the supermarket25 canned food from the supermarket11 canned food from the supermarket26 canned mushrooms canned food from the supermarket21 canned food from the supermarket22 canned food from the supermarket12 peanut soup canned food 7roasted fish squid roasted eel canned squid whole mini cucumbers clear chicken broth Fried Gluten Companion Vegetarian Minced Meat Companion Meatless Spaghetti Sauce Companion Vegetarian Duck roasted eel mackerel in tomato sauce


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